• Rooma Raza

    This program was amazing! I learned a lot and coming in I thought I don’t know how we will learn everything and do all these activities in just 12 days, but everything was so organized and well directed. I did many things that I have never done in my life

  • Derek Schumacher

    The Program has been a fantastic experience! This program really does change the way you view the world and inspires you! This program will change your life for the better and leave you with countless memories! If you like renewable energy and having fun, this is the program for you!

  • Natasha Flores

    For me, GREEN was an amazing experience. I really liked the people and counselors that were with summer 7. The time we had with the different professionals was awesome and once in a lifetime. Being able to spend time and interact with the locals was so much fun and I

  • Emily Cunningham

    The GREEN Program is exhausting in the best kind of way. It´s fun and intellectually stimulating. The tours of Green Tech sites are unparalleled. It´s been refreshing to be with peers that share a mutual love of nature, knowledge and adventure. Emily Cunningham University of Notre Dame Mechanical Engineering

  • Varun Khurana

    The program is an incredible experience. the program offers unparalleled opportunities to complement a traditional classroom education in renewable energy and sustainability, while incorporating adventure and culture into the daily itinerary. Witnessing first hand how Costa Rica practices sustainable energy production has left me stimulated and motivated to be a

  • Tim Stephenson

    This trip has been one of the most, if not the most, interesting and fun experiences of my life, The GREEN Program gave me the in deep knowledge/coverage of renewable energy that I signed up for. In addition to that the adventures were fun and helped to bring the group

  • Jorge Moncayo

    From the culture to the friendly people and the beautiful scenery, Costa Rica has shown us here an amazing twelve days. I’ll always remember the plant visits and the great time spent with all the group members and counselors. I’m going to miss every single person here and remember my

  • Kory McDonald

    I tried to come up with different words than AMAZING, then I came up with PHENOMENAL, FANTASTIC, EPIC, “OFF THE HOOK”. This experience with the GREEN Program has been beyond wonderful. From the educational aspect learning about green/renewable energy (AKA the future of the world) to the pure Tico culture,

  • Alexa Bonk

    When I first heard about GREEN my freshman year, I knew that it sounded like the best chance I would get to go abroad and also learn about energy. When Penn State offered to pay for me, it became a reality that I never expected to happen. Once I got

  • Joey Fine

    The Green program has truly been one of the best experiences of my life. These past few weeks have showed me so much in the realm of the renewable energy and sustainability. Costa Rica truly shows us an experience that you cannot receive in the United States. I would encourage

  • Dhruval Bhatt

    These 13 days with the program were simply amazing! Whether it was seriously working on capstone projects, enjoying the beach, or hiking through the Costa Rican jungles, each moment was AWESOME! It was wonderful meeting fun, friendly people from all over the country. Learning so much and living an adventure

  • Kristin Caltabiano

    Hands down this was the most amazing tip I’ve ever been on. I came here hoping to figure out if I wanted to devote my life to the environment and sustainability and I got so much more. The people I met and the places we went were just incredible and