• Mark Staub

    The GREEN Program is an amazing experience. The trip to Costa Rica includes exclusive access to facilities and adventures. You will return home with a new perspective, a project that could become reality, and new friends. Pura Vida! Mark Staub Pennsylvania State University Energy and Sustainability Policy

  • Roy Anderson

    I got a pretty sweet job at a giant company called Bechtel. I’m gonna be a field engineer while we retrofit a nuclear powerplant for four months and then I’ll be a design engineer in the company’s power sector with multiple opportunities to travel to work on major projects all

  • GREEN Business Program – Nicholas DeAmorin

    Always an adventure – every day is a fun-packed day that in the end is one long journey.  Thanks for all the great memories – definitely an impressive combination of interesting learning and fun activities. Nicholas DeAmorin Rutgers University MBA

  • GREEN Business Program – Nathalie Pereira

    Great tour to see up-close how electricity is generated through the various green and renewable energy sources, and a perfect window to the Central American way of living.  The community service especially gives a peek at how lower income families are living with the lack of infrastructure.  Overall: a great

  • Teddy Kostadinov

    This trip was a hell of a ride. Met awesome people that will stay in my memories forever! Pura Vida! Get Ready! Teddy Kostadinov Rutgers University Electrical Engineering

  • Jill Klegin

    Thank you so much for the amazing experience. This trip just kept getting better and better each day. I enjoyed the waterfall hike, hot springs, kayaking, plant tours, and the jungle hike. I think the best part was just getting to know the group through all the fun activities planned. 

  • Andrew Triolo

    I had an amazing time on this trip and would not change a thing about it. The best part of the trip was the counselors. Andrew, Konrad, and Ever were in control and super chill about everything. I loved all the different kinds of people I was able to meet.

  • Kayla Holguin

    The program has been the best experience of my life. It was great to learn in  such a diverse group of people. It really helped me to see how different people think of the same things. Also, it was great that everyone was from different areas s d that was

  • Dan Schwartz

    Going into this program, I did not know what to expect. Now that I’m about to leave, I am very happy I made the leap of faith to be here. I learned a lot about renewable energy and sustainability. However, possibly more importantly, the learning was infused with new experiences

  • Cal Reese

    I didn’t know whether to expect a structured program or more of a free-for-all type of experience but GREEN was definitely very well planned. The mix of renewable energy education and Costa Rican cultural experience left me fulfilled and excited to continue my pursuits in renewable energy. The people –

  • Marina Kay Wiatt

    Coming into the program I did not think we would get integrated into the culture and have as many adventures. I have fallen in love with Costa Rica and the progress they have made in the energy field. This was a once in a lifetime experience that has really inspired

  • Matt Fay

    Coming to the program I was not prepared for the amount of rare and inspiring moments that happen over the course of the program. I knew we would be focusing on renewable but I did not expect the complete immersion into the country and culture of Costa Rica. These were