• Marshall Mykietyshyn

    The last 12 days have felt like a month. I have experienced so much on this trip that I never expected. The culture was amazing and everyone we met was extremely friendly. The trip was a perfect blend of real Costa Rican experiences, adventure, education and relaxation. I would sign

  • Emily Yedinak

    When I decided to do the EartH2O Program, I had no idea that I would have so many wonderful adventures! This was the first time out of the United States and I had such an amazing time. I really feel like this program does an amazing job teaching about the

  • Sierra Heaton

    I received an email from my advisor about the EartH2O program. After reading what it had to offer and watching a few videos I booked my flight. I did not have many expectations going into the program. I came into Costa Rica with an open mind and willing to learn,

  • Adam Kowalski

    Much love to everybody that I’ve met the past twelve days. I’ve learned a lot about alternative energy, but all the other experiences are what’s going to stick with me. From this trip, I learned to find your passion and take chances. As long as you follow this and are

  • Thaddaus Huber

    The land of no clocks has been very kind to me. Time seems to just flow down here and the people are happy. Now it is back to the states where I’m always fighting the clock. However, if I’ve learned anything down here it is to ask questions and listen

  • Joshua Rafinski

    The EartH2O Program was a phenomenal experience difficult to express with any words.  The staff and students involved are exceptionally committed and accepted me as family on day one.  The educational aspect is mind-captivating and the adventures are action-packed.  If you have the resources and are curious about renewable energy,

  • Max Merson

    I’ve done so much and have experienced so many new things over the past 12 days. I’ve also met a lot of cool people that I’ve learned a lot from. EartH2O has inspired me to work hard, try new things, not be afraid of [what] people think of me, have

  • Eugene Chow

    Everything is beautiful that has a beginning and an end. This program is no exception, in fact, even more so.  From the beginning with the enthusiasm of the counselors to end with the enthusiasm of all of us EartH2O Alumni. This trip has been inspirational and life changing to quote

  • Elissa Martinez

    The EartH2O program was the best summer educational program I could have chosen. The directors offered a holistic and unforgettable experience. I was able to delve into the mechanics of renewable energy, something that wasn’t offered as an environmental studies major. Not only did I push myself to try new

  • Michelle Godoy

    This has been an amazing program. I would have never imagined how much knowledge and adventure this program gave me. It has been filled with exhausting but exciting days. I have realized that little efforts can go long ways. The organization and execution of the whole trip is spectacular. I

  • Patrick Milillo

    The EartH2O Program was awesome, the perfect blend of education and fun. I learned so much and met so many amazing people. Everything was very well organized and we were busy 24/7 with so many amazing activities. The places we stay and everyone at VBC were great. The trip allowed

  • Erin Potter

    I never thought I would fit in with this many people so fast. I have made life-long friends and I will always cherish the good times we have had in Costa Rica. I have enjoyed the culture of Pura Vida and will live my life like that from now on.