• Warren Mays

    I had no idea what to expect from this program, but now I am so grateful for this opportunity. This program changed my life in so many ways. I feel like I learned so much more here than I could have learned stateside. This whole country is green with not

  • Brenna Aliment

    This was by far the best experience of my college career. My life has forever been changed for the better. I have learned so much over this 12 day trip and I am so excited to see what good things will continue to come from this experience. The Program has

  • Amber Taylor

    The GREEN Program was a truly unforgettable experience. Not just a trip but an experience. We were able to learn so much without any of the pressure of a normal school environment. We were completely taken care of and all we had to do was relax and take in as

  • Lauren Polash

    The GREEN Program was an awesome hands on experience that was something you cannot get from a typical classroom setting. The plant visits are a once in a lifetime opportunity. This program will definitely inspire you. Costa Rica was amazing and I learned so much, not just about renewable energy

  • Sumit Vasnani

    Amazing time! Class was informational and the culture was great. The plant visits were really awesome. It was great to get a chance to tour the facilities to get first hand experience and ask plant operators questions to see how it really works. The tours and adventures were a blast!

  • Robert Li

    GREEN is not just a color anymore. It is a way of life. This program combines education, excursions, and experiences that will improve your life and the way you look at things. If you’re looking for knowledge and adventure, I highly recommend going GREEN. Costa Rica is opening a door

  • Toliy K.

    I really had no idea what to expect from the trip except for some good weather. But once i met everyone and got acquainted this trip turned out more than just an educational experience, it became almost like family.   Toliy K. New Jersey Institute of Technology Mechanical Engineering

  • Jessica Rivas

    The experience the program provided was an unforgettable one because not only was I having a great time in Costa Rica, I was also able to participate in plant tours something that the US rarely offers. Going into the program I thought it would be impossible to cram everything in

  • Vania S.

    Thanks for the perfect mix of education and adventure – you kept us busy and entertained!! Thanks for the great organization, for staying up late and rising early with us- your enthusiasm is contagious and very much appreciated! Thanks for keeping it real, counselors! Pura Vida! Vania S. New York