EARTH2O’s propelling, renewable energy programs in Costa Rica deliver interactive, rigorous courses covering renewable energy technology, markets, policy, and environmental impacts. Get up close exposure to commercial scale hydro, wind, biomass, geothermal, biofuel, solar plants and off grid homes. This Two Week Intensive Energy Program immerses the continuing ed professional in sustainable development in Costa Rica, a nation on course to carbon neutrality by 2021. Walk away with coveted experience, letters of recommendation and valuable industry connections. 

OCT 26th – NOV 8th, 2016

Deadline Sept 15

Location: San Jose,
Costa Rica
Arriving Airport: San Jose, Costa Rica
Culture: Latin Americas most highly educated and healthy population fully supportive of native English speakers.
Climate: Neo-tropical Highland to the Beaches 66º F – 95º F
Program Style: Traditional meals, comfortably accommodations, hands-on and informative intensive.
Program Capacity: For maximum effectiveness we cap it at 20 continuing education professionals.
Physical Level: High
Duration: 14 days
Program Fee: Negotiable
  • Electronic delivery of a pre-program on-line modules that bring our diverse student body up to speed on vocabulary and fundamental concepts before even arriving.
  • Formal lectures from commercial scale renewable energy industry leaders and educators.
  • Tours and hands on access to billions of dollars worth of Costa Rica’s commercial scale Hydro, Wind, Biomass, Geothermal and Solar electricity plants serving CR’s 90% renewable national electric grid serving almost 5,000,000 citizens.
  • Additional visits to Biofuel production facility’s, off grid homes and sustainable food related projects.
  • Post Program Letters of Recommendation.
  • Accreditation from the Universidad Centro Americana de la Sciencias
  • Adventure excursions included but not limited to Zip lines, rafting, jungle tours, big cat rehabilitation center, hot springs and pacific beach end of the tour wind down day for surfing, and more…)
  • All breakfasts, lunches, dinners with local cuisine *We accommodate vegetarian diets.
  • Lodging in all 3 star hotels at multiple locations throughout the program.
  • All in-country transportation in modern 26-passenger bus with multimedia and AC.
  • $50,000 insurance including $5,000 of In-country Medical Insurance.
  • Exclusive Membership to the EartH2O Alumni & Co. Network
Gain a comprehensive understanding along with a personal familiarity of the science and importance of the hydraulic cycle and the social economic implications of sustainable practices.
Attain a clear grasp of cost analyses and environmental impact of renewable energy production facilities in historical, present and future context.
Understand the value of watershed awareness and policy that supports healthy water infrastructure.
Develop a full perspective of sustainable waste water treatment including an overview of technologies, business management and policy.
Advance on the vocabulary and concepts essential to commercial hydroelectric energy production, transmission, management and legislation.
See critical hands-on experience in rainwater recovery systems design and implementation.
Create leadership, teamwork, and networking skills through adventure excursions and exposure to professional industry relationships.
Excel within a network of like-minded participants who aspire to work and innovate in the field of renewable energy and sustainability.
Acquire a critical global perspective demanded by corporate recruiters today to prepare for accelerated career opportunities.

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