Bob Hamber
Parent of Zach Hamber
Mechanical Engineerin
San Diego State

piclabzach-300x300“Our son is still praising the program and expressing how worthwhile it was for him.

“The best experience of my life.”

Cindy Christmas
Parent of Alex Harris
Journalism Major
University of Florida

piclabalexharris-300x300“I am grateful that the renewable energy program in Costa Rica exists. It is creating a network of highly educated, empowered students dedicated to change.”

Sandy Phoebe
Parent of Adam Phoebe
Energy Engineering
Pennsylvania State

piclab-4-1024x1024“The program renewed an excitement in him about his studies and he was eager to get back to school and talk to his professors and peers.”

Joseph Harris
Parent of Alex Harris
Major in Journalism
University of Florida

piclabalexdad-300x300“I am very proud that Alex took the steps to learn and I know that the renewable energy program has had a profound impact on Alex’s future.”