Education, Adventure, and Responsibility for Tomorrow’s H2O

Central America’s first commercial wind farm was constructed by North American engineers in 1994. The Program’s founder Jean Paul Cazedessus served as a sub-contractor and host for the North American engineers. While helping build the first multi megawatt sized wind-power plant in Central America Jean Paul had a realization. There is nowhere else in the world where one could see commercial scale hydro, wind, biomass, geothermal, and now solar plants within the encompassing horizon while standing in one place. The work began to bridge the concept of educational programs and local renewable energy industries.

In 2009 Jean Paul and partners launched the first pilot renewable energy educational tours in Costa Rica. We’ve trained more than 800 students with many of them receiving University credit. In 2013, after a few wildly successful study abroad programs, the program faced a division of partners. January 2015 we’ve rebooted as The EartH2O Program, and all our efforts are toward clean energy production, water conservation, eco-design and regenerative environmental policy education.

Our Mission

Is to provide world-class education and coveted opportunities to learn professional at the professional level, EartH2O immerses our students into a country on a mission to reach carbon neutrality by 2021. We are eager to provide access to our network of sustainable projects and mobilize increasing amounts of professionals to make a positive impact in policy, water management, energy production, regenerative design and entrepreneurship.

Our Approach

The program starts before you get to Costa Rica. You’ll gain access to online education material worth $300 you will also receive corresponding classes, interactive discussions, site visits, community service initiatives, & presentations by industry professionals. The curriculum culminates in a Capstone Project presentation which to date has resulted in several viable non profit endeavors & profitable green businesses.

Our Goals

Since rebooting as The EartH2O Program we have doubled the commitment to teaching earth stewardship. Our alumni has influenced Costa Rica’s building code. We are accredited and we’ve managed to decrease our program fees starting at $2200. We aim to remain the most affordable study abroad program of our kind.

Join us for our Mission


Renewable energy is critical in supporting thriving societies and social equality. Experience visiting 5 commercial scale renewable energy facilities: Solar, Wind, Hydro-Electric, Geothermal and Biomass / Bio-Feul.


70 percent of the planet’s surface is water and only 1% is potable. With our new course you can dive into the sustainable water studies and gain valuable insight in leveraging the worlds most prolific resource for positive impact.


You can’t talk about energy & water without talking about shelter. Learn alternative methods from our experience with the first green roofs in Costa Rica & our work with World Trade Org., Habitat for Humanity & the Swiss Patent office.

Community Service

All our programs have a huge community service component and by attending, you make a difference. Empower local schools & indigenous communities who need fundamental resources in Costa Rica to broaden their perspective of sustainability.


Explore government policy that supports conservation and innovations that foster ecological sustainability as a top priority. Approximately 93% of Costa Rica’s electricity is produced using renewable resources, an inspirational model for the world.


With billions invested annually, sustainable development is one of the fastest growing sectors. Set yourself on the track to participate in the economy of ecological consciousness with our proven track record of turning Capstone Projects into jobs.

Our Team

Jean Paul Cazadessus founding instructor at The EartH2O Program

Jean Paul Cazedessus

Engineer, builder, inventor, entrepreneur and Founder of The EartH2O Program, formerly the GREEN Program in Costa Rica.

Luisa Cazedessus

Manager & Program Liaison at The EartH2O Program

Frank Daniels, Engineer and instructor at The EartH2O Program

Frank Boyd Daniels

Electronics engineer with experience in development and assembly of projects and quality insurance.

Oliver Carranza

Project Manager in sustainable tourism and renewable energy tour guide.

Accreditation Letter

EartH20 is accredited by the Universidad Centroamericana de las Ciencias in Costa Rica. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a certificate of 2 credit units. This accreditation estimates students spend a total of at least 41 hours during the program devoted to studying renewable energy and sustainability. This includes completing the Enerdynamics Virtual Online Renewable Energy Overview Course, attending daily classes, facility visits, community service, and the Capstone Project.

Download Accreditation Letter