Rely on Us as Safety is Our Priority

Safety is our number one priority, and the primary determining factor when scouting our program locations. It’s simple: If it’s safe, we can host a program there. If it’s not safe, it’s out of the question. EartH2O Tour Managers are all certified and have been fully trained in first aid, safety, and protocol. So rest assured, you’re in good hands.


Costa Rica has been honored by being rated the “Happiest Country in the World” by a variety of sources. This illustrates a comfortable and safe atmosphere for students to interact with locals. Crime per capita is lower in many respects when compared to the United States. Our staff maintains prudent supervision at all times to ensure full attendance at every checkpoint along our adventures. To prevent petty crime such as theft we stress the importance of vigilance when traveling with valuable items.


All water at the hotels is potable, naturally filtered, uncontaminated spring water. The prolific rainfall here provides the highest quality source of water typically better quality than most American bottled water. All meals are deliciously prepared with nutrition for maintaining stamina and energy throughout the program. We recommend and provide the opportunity to purchase bottled water at a local shop and refill at the student’s discretion.


In-country medical coverage will be covered by Instituto Nacional de Seguros and HSBC – Seguros Costa Rica. Up to $50,000 in coverage for accidental death, medical expenses for accidents, and/or immediate emergency hospitalization at any time in the country during the program. For more information on the health and safety for travelers, please visit the CDC at