Crowdfunding Your EartH2O Study Abroad Program

    The EartH2O Program is an investment in your future and you owe it to yourself to make it happen. In looking for ways to fund your program, airfare, and spending money, ask yourself how you could fundraise to generate your budget? Check out the list of sites you might consider for a personal funding …

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  • Solar Solution at EartH2O Headquarters

    On Jan 19th while many in the world observed Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday, the EartH2O team was also contributing to a humane future. We configured our new 32 million btu solar hot water system, officially became net zero energy producers providing energy to the grid during peek hours and offset the energy demand for […]

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  • Community Service, water recovery systems, Renewable Energy, Study Sustainability

    EartH2O’s Roots in Service Learning

    The EartH2O Program’s parent company Serves S.A. was founded 7 years ago to fill the need for commerce that provides equity for locals, partners with nature, and improve business in semi rural Guanacaste. Since it’s inception Served S.A. launched The EartH2O Program… and we’ve been busy working to close the loop, increase our impact, and […]

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  • Blue Is the New Green

    The EartH2O Program is what was once the green program in Costa Rica. Jean Paul and the other founders began offering study abroad instruction in renewable energy and sustainable development, leveraging JP’s contacts and 25 years plus of experience as a sustainable entrepreneur engineer and builder in Costa. Our students found the programming and overall […]

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  • Costa Rica Installs 184.5 more MW of Wind Power

    Now 88% of the country’s power needs are met with renewables. The economic outlook for wind power generation in Costa Rica is becoming…

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  • Stormwater catchment, Water use, Study Sustainability

    Costa Rica Saves 325 Millions of Liters of Water While Educating Students

    The “Water Watchers” program has ensured that children of Costa Rica rationally use the water resources and allowing for savings of 325 million liters in five …

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  • The Human Rights of Water and Community Participation Exemplified

    Citizens and national agencies in Costa Rica and Honduras reach mutually benefiting terms for offsetting water shortage. During negotiations …

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